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Divar Digital CCTV

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* Is an integrated digital CCTV solution for managing, controlling and viewing up to 16 cameras * Digitally records at up to 50/60 IPS and plays back simultaneously. * Authenticates images for evidence * Advanced search facilities, including smart motion search for easy retrieval of video * Has a user-friendly Control Center for remote access to multiple Divars * Can be expanded up to a 256 camera CCTV recording system * Offers ATM/POS interface support * Available with internal or external DVD writer for local archiving without the need for a PC


The heart of your security infrastructure

Put the Divar Digital Versatile Recorder at the heart of your organization's security infrastructure, and enjoy the benefits of reliable, full-function digital video recording. Designed and manufactured by Bosch for stand-alone, cascaded and networked configurations, Divar gives the flexibility to provide the level of security coverage you and your customers need.

Everything you need

All the essential CCTV system elements are present. The built-in multiplexer and switcher controls and views 6, 9, or 16 cameras (including Bosch EnviroDomes, AutoDomes and pan, tilt & zoom cameras), and the fullfunction digital video recorder captures scenes at up to 50/60 images per second – with simultaneous recording and playback. Alarmand motion-activated recording is standard, while smart motion search makes locating images of specific scenes simplicity itself. The Divar with internal DVD writer makes it very easy to archive or export recordings without the need for a PC. And even with all this powerful functionality, Divar is remarkably easy to use.

Evidence you can use

Divar records ‘image authentication’ data together with the images so that they cannot be altered in any way without the tampering being detected. This powerful video and data authentication eliminates concerns about using digital CCTV recordings as evidence in legal procedures. Important recordings can also be protected to ensure they are not erased or overwritten.