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NetDVR Series Digital Network Video Recorders

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* 4-Channel multiplexed recording * Up to 720x486 resolution * Wavelet compression * TCP/IP protocol 10Base T ethernet port * Integrated sever for 4 live images * Exchangeable HDD * Comprehensive GUI for real time and playback viewing * Video motion detection and alarm contacts


The NetDVR series network digital video recorders has 4 inputs for standard analogue color cameras and 4 alarm inputs and outputs. The units have wavelet video compression, video motion detection and a network server. The NetDVR provides transmission of 4 images live sequentially, while the DVR will provide multiplexed recording. Playback of the recorded images can be done in quad mode or for individual camera channels. Recording, play-back and live video do function at the time.

The NetDVR is designed to provide image recording and playback of the recorded images in remote locations. Viewing of the live and recorded images as well as configuration settings are done via the TCP/IP network connection. The live images give additional real time information and alarm status feedback.

The network interface is compliant with 10BaseT Ethernet and supports the TCP/IP set of communication protocols allowing communication on private networks, Intranets and the Internet.

The viewer software supplied with the NetDVR enables viewing of live and recorded images, and provides the control settings for time lapse recording, alarm recording, setting up a daily schedule and Hard Disk management functions. Alarm recording can be triggered by software video motion detection or contact closure inputs. Furthermore, the NetCam-DVR has time date search and alarm play-back functions.

The units have serial outputs for control of Pan and Tilt units, Zoom lenses and AutoDomes(tm). Control of these functions is with the mouse on the viewer image For protection against unauthorized access the security options include password access protection and IP address filtering. A PC on which the dedicated NetCam-DVR viewer is installed, is needed for control and viewing of the NetDVR. The user control functions of the viewer enable playback selection of individual images or a quad screen.

The viewer screen also provides the standard DVR control buttons, e.g. Start, Stop and Reverse. Images can be displayed on the monitor screen individually or in quad mode. In order to enhance the picture update rate, a quality box can be defined for the area of interest. This part of the picture is transmitted at the selected picture quality, while the remainder of the picture is transmitted at reduced quality.