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D1255 Series Keypads

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* For commercial use, install the keypad in building entrances and areas with unrestricted access. Mounting a keypad near exterior doors in hotel or business lobbies allows people to identify the type and location of the emergency. * For residential use, install the keypad near the front and rear entrances to the home. Install additional keypads in a kitchen or in a bedroom. * Use multiple keypads in a large building with many separate areas of security. Program multiple keypads to control multiple areas. * Install the keypad in locations that are hidden from view. Audible tones from the keypad sounder alert personnel to fire events and assist fire fighters in locating the keypad.



Display - Every D1255 Series Keypad model uses words, numbers, and symbols to show the status of the security system. When several events occur, each model shows each event in order of priority. Keys - Each D1255 Series Keypad model has ten numeric keys and five function keys. Use the [COMMAND] key with the numeric keys to perform a function. Use the [ENT] key or [YES] key to enter your passcode. When pressed, each key emits light and a muted beep.

Audible Tones - The sounder emits eight distinct warning tones. You can adjust the volume or use a passcode to silence the tone. The tones include:

* Burglary Signal: steady high-pitched bell tone during alarm.
* Fire Signal: pulsed high-pitched bell tone during fire alarm.
* Entrance Warning: intermittent beep tones during entry delay periods.
* Exit Warning: intermittent beep tones during exit delay periods.
* Invalid Key Buzz: buzz tone when an invalid key is pressed.
* Keypad Encoding Tone: muted beep tone as each key is pressed.
* Trouble Buzzer: two-tone warble during a trouble event.
* Watch Tone: intermittent beep tone when a watch point is faulted.