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G Series Security Controls

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* Microprocessor-based alarm control and reporting * Cost-effective, add-on capability * Integrated fire alarm control* * Integrated access control (D9412G/D7412G) * Remote control capability * Advanced lightning, surge protection * Pinpoints alarm sources * Activates each point individually * Controllable outputs for individual devices * Up to three on-site printers * 4 area types (regular, associate, master, shared) * Up to 32 command centers * LAN/WAN compatibility with D6600 NetCom System * Two types of addressable devices * Wireless compatible *D7212G UL Listed Household Fire Warning


The Ultimate Security Controls for Your Business

The G Series security controls are simply the best. They provide an integrated solution for Security, Fire Alarm System and Access Control applications. The panels are capable of monitoring alarm points for intruder or fire alarms, while operating user command centers and other outputs. The G Series panels include a built-in digital communicator, which reports events to selected destinations. Programming and accessory modules offer flexibility and beneficial features rarely found in other security control systems. Youíll enjoy the benefits of our innovation, dedication, and reliability.

Flexible & Easy

The G Series can be used in a variety of applications as powerful intrusion alarm controls, UL Listed fire alarm controls, integrated access control systems, building device controllers and much more.Wireless and two types of addressable expansion modules, loops and accessories are available (POPEX and MUX). This allows for a variety of installation choices. Although the G Series includes some of the most robust security controls ever developed, they are remarkably simple to learn and easy to use. These systems are the ultimate security controls for commercial, industrial or institutional installations where a flexible installation and easy-to-use system is required.

Control Capabilities

The G Series can identify individual motion sensors, glass-break sensors or door contacts. The possibilities are limitless for situations requiring specific identification of multiple doors, windows, smoke detectors or other types of addressable sensors. Pin-point an alarm or trouble and communicate to your central monitoring stationís operators so emergency or service personnel can be dispatched promptly to the exact location.

Fire Alarm Control

A programmable Alarm Verification feature permits an individual point used for connection of a smoke detector to provide a predetermined alarm response delay and verification before an alarm is initiated. This option minimizes unwarranted alarms resulting from detection of non-alarm smoke conditions and is becoming a code requirement in many parts of the United States. Individual points of detection can include waterflow switches, valve tamper devices, heat or smoke sensors, manual pull stations and more. You can be alerted to events such as boiler safety shutdown or sump pump failures in order for corrective action to be taken.

Process Monitoring You get much more than superb security control and monitoring. Each panel can also serve as a central programmable control for environmental devices such as thermostats, lighting, heating and air conditioning or fluid levels. Program and install these devices during system installation or later as needs dictate.

Access Control Control and monitor the movement of people or vehicles through secured access points such as doors, turnstile and parking lot barriers. The G Series can include control for up to eight independently configured access control doors using 26 bit Wiegand cards and readers. Up to 996 individual access IDs are linked to users to provide time-based control of who goes where and when.Manual and automatic door controls can provide free access through selected doors while the building is open for business.