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F220 Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

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* Two- or four-wire bases * Use with 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems * 30 ft (9 m) spacing between detectors * Optional CO-sensor, heat-sensor enhanced detection chamber * Clean chamber without removal or disassembly * CleanMeŽ signaling capability * Sensitivity readout on detector * Detector chamber compensates for dust build-up * Tamper protection * Dual-color LED


The F220 photoelectric smoke detectors are UL Listed, openarea photoelectric smoke detectors. Use them with commercial fire protective signaling systems and household fire warning systems (see NFPA 72, the National Fire Alarm Code). These smoke detectors scatter light using a pulsed infrared source operating with a gated, high-speed, photodiode infrared sensor. The symmetry of the optical chamber allows 360° uniform smoke entry, but minimizes external light entry. By using low current electronic circuitry, you can connect the detectors to a wide range of power source circuits.


Compatible Bases
Configure the detectors into two-wire or four-wire versions by selecting the appropriate mounting base. These detectors are compatible with any of the F220-B6 bases:

* F220-B6 Two-Wire Mounting Base
* F220-B6R Standard Four-Wire Mounting Base
* F220-B6RS Four-wire Mounting Base with Sounder
* F220-B6C Four-Wire Mounting Base with Auxiliary Relay
* F220-B6E Power Supervision Mounting Base
* F220-B6PM Addressable Master Base
* F220-B6PS Addressable Base