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ETV Series Digital Video Recorder

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Advanced POS Integration * Smart search * Enhanced direct POS interfacing without external hardware. * Remote Viewing, Searching, and Management * Supports multi cameras and multi sites remote viewing * Customizable pre and post recording modes * Intuitive graphical user interface * Integrated, continuous recording while viewing or searching * Switching output for video to be sent to a public display monitor * Save to an AVI file for viewing on all Windows based PCs * Pan/Tilt/Zoom control * Multiple levels of password protection * Control of other devices via control outputs * Search data/time/date/camera/alarm * Digital zoom on playback & live * Multiple recording modes * Up to 16 alarm inputs & 4 outputs * Up to 2TB internal storage * Unlimited storage with RAID array and NAS Support * Windows 2000 operating system CDRW drive, LAN card, keyboard and mouse included * Remote back-up on event * Health Monitor Support * Visual Tracking * System Network Logging * Dynamic Multi-screen Playback * Customizable OSD for Data * Dual Monitor Support


The ETV version of Electronics Line series of DVRs all provide professional functionality and reliability at an economical price. Windows 2000 operating system is used for management of the ETV DVR. Some of the advanced functionality includes Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera control, system health monitor, system and network logging, watch-dog functions, unlimited pass wording with multiple levels of protection and e-mail notification with pre, post alarm video recording and video loss. The ETV DVR will control multiple P/T/Z cameras, including: Electronics Line, Pelco, Panasonic, and others from the DVR, or remotely. The ETV series utilizes a proprietary and highly specialized Codec.

This phenomenal compression technology allows one of the smallest file sizes in the industry while still maintaining image quality and integrity. An amazing amount of options allow you to adjust file size by customizing image size and resolution on a per camera basis.

Each camera is individually selectable allowing you to customize the importance of each camera relative to storage space. The search function has never been easier allowing for retrieval by time, date, alarm, motion or advanced POS (data) queries. Play back any camera or multiple cameras at the same time, zoom in, adjust color, contrast and hue as you desire.

Save files in a secured, proprietary format or export in standard AVI for easy viewing on any Windows 98, or higher, PC. Even further customization is available for recording by utilizing schedules, video motion, alarm inputs or outputs, continuous recording, or viewing only with no recording. These features allow you to get the most out of your storage.