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ETM Series Digital Video Recorder Embedded DVR

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* Unique DVR ID (1~99) * Maximum of 4 internal Hard Disk Drives * Printer Connection * Loop Through Video Output * 4/9/16 alarm input/ 4 alarm output * Built in Alarm buzzer * NTSC/PAL Selection using DIP S/W * Operated by the joystick controller up to 99 different DVR units.



* Real time Single Camera, Quad, PIP and Multi-Channel Auto Sequence Switching
* Freeze Frame
* Instant Switching from Record Display to Playback Display
* Front Display various mode using LED


* Pan/Tilt, Zoom In/Zoom Out, Focus Near/Far Control Quick Preset Set/Call
* Speed Dome/Smart Scan - 16 Preset Positions
* Zoom Enviro Camera - 6 Preset Positions
* Networking
* Remote Monitoring System through Ethernet or External Modem
* PTZ , Live Monitoring, Playback and Back Up available


* Simultaneous Recording or Playback
* Easy, User Friendly Set Up Menu
* Continuous recording while Archiving, Transmitting to remote site and during playback
* One channel audio recording playback
* Up to 4 different Recording Quality Grade
* Full 30 frames per second recording speed
* Up to 50 field per second in field mode
* Manual & Scheduled recording
* Event Recording by Motion Detection or External Alarm, Video Loss
* 1000 Event List for external alarm or video loss
* Pre-alarm recording time adjustable
* Continuous Recording in Disk overwrite mode


* Playback by Time/Date,Event
* Frame by Frame or Field by Field Replay
* Easy Replay operation by Jog/shuttle dial or Arrow button


* Digital Backup to USB Hard Disk


* You can search the recorded images using the playback mode on the front panel and from the joystick controller. If you want to search from the remote site, there is a Remote Monitoring System (RMS)