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AutoDome with AutoTrack . . . Catch all the action with the full line of AutoDome products, now available with revolutionary AutoTrack technology. These dependable systems offer discreet security for any application, indoor or outdoor, day or night.


Beyond motion detection. Bosch AutoDome cameras with AutoTrack not only detect motion and activate an alarm, but also zoom in on the motion and track it. An AutoDome with AutoTrack will monitor an area with a pre-set tour, but once motion is detected the camera automatically locks onto the subject, zooms in for a better view and follows the subject anywhere within the camera’s 360° coverage area. Security personnel can concentrate on the required response. Starting recording when motion is detected provides an uninterrupted record of where movement has taken place.

AutoDome with AutoTrack is the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications including:

Retail stores and banks

During business hours, the AutoDome can monitor general traffic. After hours, it can be set to watch an entrance or be on a preprogrammed tour. Apart from detecting and tracking intruders, it helps provide a video record of maintenance and security personnel activities. AutoDome with AutoTrack is the hands-free solution for retail security.


Track the movement of people and vehicles during normal operation for a record of inventory movement. After hours, the AutoDome can perform a tour and if motion is detected, interrupt the tour, track the subject and alert a central control station. AutoTrack lets you see everything that happens in your warehouse.

Outdoor perimeter surveillance

Use AutoDome cameras to monitor the perimeters of prisons, schools and industrial sites. AutoTrack will detect motion, follow it and alert a central control station. Areas of normal activity can be deactivated using privacy masking and/or sector blanking. The advanced motion detector allows you to configure your parameters to your customized needs. Protect even the outer edges of your property with AutoDome.